Welcome to Our Interactive Cooking Class!!!

We love to travel

Through our experiences, we believe that the best way to make your journey perfect is to try authentic meals and spend time with the locals.
We provide an unforgettable memory here in Fukuoka.
We look forward to seeing you.

You will enjoy

  1. Town exploring
  2. Sake tasting
  3. Hands-on cooking class
  4. Tea ceremony experience


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Walk around the city and learn about Hakata culture.

Enjoy different taste of sake and Umesyu (plum liquor)

Make 3-4 dishes including Tempura with Chef Chieko. Bon Appetite !!

Make Matcha with bamboo whisk,and enjoy in the traditional Japanese way.

Price and General Information


15000yen per person


min:2 max:4
Please note that there may be other participants

length of the class

approximately 4 hours

About Momochi

meet up in Hakata area

  • Hakata tour

    Explore the town including a temple and shrine with Michi. Get some souvenirs.

  • Arrive at cooking teacher’s house in Momochi

    Momochi is a city along the seashore facing Hakata Bay.

  • Sake tasting

    Taste 5 different of sake from all over Japan. Fall in love with the finest sake.

  • Hands-on cooking class

    Have fun and enjoy cooking! Learn how to make soup stock with dried kelp.

  • Matcha time

    Sit, prepare and enjoy Matcha with bamboo whisk, in the traditional Japanese manner.

wrap up the class

dont't forget to take a tiny souvenir with you!!

After the class, you can enjoy strolling the beach, going up to the Fukuoka Tower.
It takes a few minutes to get there from the teacher’s house.
(See the details below)

※ If you want to wear a kimono,please contact us in advance.
We can arrange that. In that case,the tour will be longer and cost more.

※ Please note : Drinking alcohol under 20 years old is prohibited in Japanese law.

About Momochi

Seaside Momochi is a waterfront area located on northwest Fukuoka which has many attractive sights.
The main attractions are Fukuoka Tower and Fukuoka City Museum. The beach is also good to relax.

For more information, go to


Fukuoka Tower

Momochi Seaside Park

Fukuoka City Museum

Fukuoka Yafuoku Dome